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Ecopica is a game made by a multidisciplinary studio of artists and designers who use interactive art as means of storytelling and narrative exploration. Presented at the Emily Carr 2023 Grad Show. ECOPICA challenges the current consumer centric culture. The video game uses design future narratives to explore our future.

Ecopica is an ecopunk inspired exploration video game focused on speculative future narratives.
The story follows the protagonist, a washed up detective named buddy, as they’re set out to explore and discover secrets about the seemingly abandoned city.
Ecopica relies on a progressing narrative, one that grows alongside the player. interact with the environment and local wildlife to solve puzzles & reach your final destination.

How we can shape our future through action and encouraging dialogue amongst people?

We reviewed a research paper on: Games as Speculative Design Allowing Players to Consider Alternate Present, We begun to think about how could we convey the question: “What could the future of the greater Vancouver region look like in the future if we did not challenge our systems?”
However after having interviews with some of our peers, friends & family, we discovered this conversation is not an easy one to have.
How can we encourage dialogue about speculative futures?
The perfect place to start is getting to know our players. After compiling our interview research we mapped our players on the Bartle Test of Gamers.

Sneak Peak into our process

The Team

The Team

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