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Storybot is designed to be an opensource website that promotes creativity and writing online. This project was focused on user research and how users interact with machine learning. How do users guide and and write along side AI? Can computers be creative?

Check out the Figma prototype below! fullscreen recommended

Intention & Problem space

To repair user’s relationship with writing and creative process using generative AI. Hopefully StoryBot can assist user’s creative journey.

Key Users

Those who feel the fatigue of academic writing, want to gamify writing and need a new way of expression. Maybe someone who is a mbti personality: INFJ, ISFJ, ENFJ

Writing seems to feel uncreative

Intention & Problem space

I want StoryBot to feel like a creative outlet. Letting writers-to-be to slowly ease into feeling more comfortable with writing. In this way, they can feel differently towards writing.

a lot of writing our interviewees have done have been under pressure

A lot of the responses I got in that were framing writing in a positive light were done therapeutically or for entertainment. StoryBot shouldn’t replicate the environment of school or work.

Competitive Analysis

What is Spot?

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