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Hello! I’m a UX/UI designer based in Vancouver, BC! I’m passionate about how game mechanics can
enhance and influence user experience, even outside of the gaming industry!

ECOPICA : 2022-2023

Delivering hard to digest
topics through video games

Ecopica is an ecopunk inspired exploration video game on a speculative futures. The story follows the protagonist, a washed up detective named buddy. Discovering secrets and mysteries of a seemingly abandoned world

Ecopica relies on a progressing narrative, one that grows alongside the player and interacting with the environment to solve puzzles and advance your way through the game.

#GameDesign #SpeculativeDesign #Unity #PuzzleExploration

SPOT : 2021-2022

Using AR companions to maintain behavior & form habits

SPOT utilizes augmented reality and gameful design strategies to assist users in maintaining behaviors and forming habits. Acting as a companion app, SPOT aims to build a community and motivate people to reconsider discarding items.

#Behavior&Habits #MobileDesign #SparkAR

StoryBot : Mar 2022

How to co-create with AI,
can “computers” be creative?

Story Bot Screenshot

Story bot is designed to be an opensource website that promotes creativity and writing online. This project was focused on user research and how users interact with machine learning. How do users guide and and write along side AI?

#AI #MachineLearning #Narrative #UserResearch